Welcome to cobogo
cobogo's mission is to give Content Creators the power over their own monetization and their communities, using Web3 to achieve that.
In this page we briefly explain the problem that motivated the creation of this project, and in this documentation we will go through how we solve it.
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The Creator Economy

We know how difficult it is for Creators of all kinds to make a living out of their creations. Although Web 2.0 has allowed an easily accessible monetization for the masses, some people still struggle with this combination of "decentralized delivery and centralized control".
With Web 3.0, Creators can take their work to a next level, truly owning it. The integration with cryptoeconomy grants them the possibility of building an economy around their projects and community, maximizing their value.
In the particular case we are addressing with cobogo, Content Creators can finally have the freedom to produce any content they want, without having to rely on a centralized control institution watching over them, only in their own community.

Medium Articles

We constantly post new articles on Medium with the goal of educating people about the benefits of Web3, and how cobogo fits in the Creator Economy, especially for those not that familiar with Blockchain. Here's a quick access to them:
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