cobogoDAO is owned and governed by CBG token holders. Our policy is for the following actions to be executed only after a successful proposal and vote:
  • treasury allocation (for funding, liquidity, investment)
  • service provider changes
  • tokenomics updates (including governance, supply, distribution)
The governance will be implemented gradually and in phases. In the beginning, all decisions will be made by the founders of cobogo social, then they will be handled by the community.
The governance and voting will take place only after the public sale of CBG token.

Tools and Design

Gnosis Safe
Gnosis Snapshot
Governance Token
Gnosis Safe Owner
Multi-sign (2 of 3)
Gnosis Snapshop Owner
Multi-sign (2 of 3)
Delegated Voting
Delegate All


There are two types of proposals.

Signal Proposal

A Signal Proposal is something that anyone can post in the community. These votes are non-binding, but if the quorum is achieved, the proposal will automatically be upgraded into a binding Core Proposal, as defined below.
Members considering submitting proposals should first flesh out their ideas on community chats for feedbacks, further ideation and to discover whether there is worthy support to move forward. Assuming there is a legitimate interest, a member can post their proposal.

Core Proposal

A Core Proposal is something that cobogoApp councils put forward, with options based on Signal Proposals that reached quorum. These votes are binding.
The idea of signal and core proposals was inspired by AavegotchiDAO.

Voting Parameters

Snapshot Strategy
1 CBG = 1 Vote
Proposal Validation
Proposal Threshold
1,000 CBG
Vote Duration
Minimum 7 days
Vote Threshold
  • The above settings are managed by the administrators, who have been nominated by cobogoDAO.
  • The above settings can be changed by cobogoDAO members. It can be discussed and submitted to vote, upon approval it will be changed by the administrators.


Snapshot Strategy

Defines the vote weight of each token.

Proposal Validation

Proposal validation is a custom function to validate if someone can post a proposal or not. The basic validation takes the voting power and checks if you pass a defined threshold.

Proposal Threshold

Proposal Threshold is typically defined as the number of tokens required to create a proposal.

Vote Duration

The length of time between the voting start date and the voting end date.
Vote Threshold
The minimum number vote weight required to vote on a proposal.