The cobogoDAO is a DAO that governs the cobogo social dApp.
cobogoDAO is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that aims to support content creators and develop the creator economy. It is an open platform for proposals that are voted upon by CBG token holders.
Possible proposals include:
  • partnerships
  • cobogo social development
  • project investments
  • tokenomics changes


Our vision is a world of content creation backed by web3 and by autonomous investors instead of big centralized platforms.


To support content creators allowing them to finance their work independently of big platforms.
To develop the creator economy by investing and creating tools that allow anyone to use the benefits of web3 to support and grow their community.


  • cobogoDAO is not a company. It does not have a management team or employees. It is a foundation whose members are the CBG token holders.
  • cobogoDAO is governed by its members. Any member can propose partnerships, investments, or product development. Members will vote on whether to approve or reject these proposals.
  • cobogoDAO will rely on a service provider to facilitate various administrative functions.
This documentation was based on BitDAO docs.
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