Referral Program
If you're a YouTuber, go to this tutorial.
If you know YouTubers and want to invite them to join cobogo, you can do so by clicking directly on this link:
This link will open up the "referral dashboard", and all you will have to do is connect to your MetaMask wallet so the platform can generate your unique referral link.
Share this link with YouTubers, and for each one that joins our platform, you get 50 CBG, and they get 100!
If you are a Fan you came across this page below from a YouTuber's link, you can also connect your MetaMask Wallet to get your own referral link, and earn 50 CBG tokens for every YouTuber that joins.
After you connect it, you can click on "view my referral link" to go to your own referral page.
After that, you'll be able to check which YouTubers joined using your link, and how many CBG you have accrued so far.
If you any questions, don't hesitate to contact us on Discord or Telegram.
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