Community NFT
On our first investment round, we will be selling 20 NFTs especially designed for cobogo's community members.
These exclusive NFTs will be sold to help us raise initial funds to deploy the dapp and create the YouTube market, and for that, only a maximum of 20 people will be part of this moment in our history.
The people who hold these NFTs will be given special treatment, since the NFTs will have an embedded utility, such as having access to a gated Discord where they'll help make early decisions regarding the DAO, and more perks yet to be defined.
In an initiative to bring a safety net to the people willing to invest on the future of cobogo, we will offer two proposals for the NFT traders:

1. Buy CBG at Seed prices

In addition to the yet to be defined NFT utility, after the Seed Round is over, the NFT holders will be able to buy CBG tokens at the price of the Seed Round, which will only be available for a small number of investors.
This means that anyone who owns the cobogo NFT will be given the opportunity to buy CBG at the seed round price.
It is worth noting that at the end of the Fourth Round, the CBG token will be offered to the public for 6x the seed round price.

2. Buyback

As an alternative, for those who don't wish to buy CBG on sale and have access to alpha information, we will offer a buy back of the NFTs.
The buyback will be at double the initial price and will happen once the Private Sale ends.
All of this means that buying the NFT will be beneficial for both cobogo and the holder, either if the holder chooses to buy CBG or sell their NFT.