Investment Rounds
There will be a total of three investment rounds for cobogo. The Seed round, the Private Sales and the Public Sales. In this section, we will describe the amount of CBG tokens will be sold in each round, and describe our plans.

Early Community NFT

We will be selling 20 Utility NFTs to community members or investors looking to support the project. We know we have a strong early community and we want to reward them with the possibility of being part of the DAO early on.
Those who own the NFTs will be able to buy CBG tokens at the price of the Seed Round, or as an alternative, we will buy them back at double the initial price once the second round ends.
The utility embedded in the NFTs will still be defined.
Read more about it here.

Seed Round

In our Seed Round, we will offer 10% of the total supply (non-dillutable), equivalent to 10,000,000 CBG tokens at the initial supply, our goal here is to close this round with five external investors or less.
At the time this round starts, Content Creators will start onboarding the platform. These tokens will not be locked, but they will have a vesting period of 12 months, which means that by the end of the Seed round, the cobogo token will have a circulation supply of 10,000,000.

Private Sale

On the Private Sale, another 10,000,000 CBG tokens will be sold. The token will be sold at 3x the Seed Price, elevating the circulation supply to 20,000,000 at the end of the vesting period.
At this juncture, we expect about 60,000 Content Creators in cobogo and to be actively asking their communities to stake for them.

Public Sale

The last investment round is scheduled to happen in 2023, and it is when 16,000,000 CBG tokens will be open to be acquired and traded by the general public.
By then, there will be 36,000,000 circulating CBG. If the expected growth continues, there will be 180,000 Content Creators using the platform by the time the third investment round starts.
We predict that each of these rounds will bring out a more consolidated platform, and by the end of all four of them, we hope cobogo to be known across not only crypto communities, but in all Content Creators spheres and spaces.