Funding Mechanism
We have designed an unique funding mechanism that allows fans to support their favorite Content Creators sustainably.
Based on DeFi, our platform works by having the Content Creator mint their own Staking Pool, where their fans and community can stake CBG tokens in. After that, both Creators and Fans get rewarded in the form of a yield, in a 50%/50% split.
In sum, fans will be able to buy CBG tokens, stake those tokens in their favorite Content Creator's pool, and then earn the rewards on a block (minute) basis, based on the current APY (Annual Percentage Yield).
These tokens will not be locked for any period of time, which means the fan will be able to withdraw them anytime they want, as well as the rewards accrued.
This way, Content Creators can monetize their work without having to rely on a single point of failure, and Fans can support Creators while still keeping their principal, and earning interest on top of it.
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