DAO Treasury
20% of the supply of the CBG token will be held by the DAO Treasury. At time zero, this means that it will hold 10,000,000 CBG. This treasury will keep expanding, as long as new Content Creators onboard the platform.
5% of the Social Tokens minted when Creators onboard cobogo will go to the DAO Treasury. Also, 30% of the fees collected by the dApp will be destined to the Treasury.
In addition, the CBG treasury will be used as a mechanism to increase the APY in case the staking ratio is too high, and to burn tokens in case the staking ratio is too low for a prolonged period of time. It can also be used to create more Liquidity incentives in case it is needed.
The community will decide strategically what to do with the Treasury in the cobogo DAO by vote, including partnerships, liquidity programs, and more.
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