Supply and Distribution
The Cobogo Token (CBG) is an utility token that exists so Patrons can stake on their favorite Creators, and they both get rewards in the form of a yield. This way, the rewards act as incentives to Patrons and Creators who are willing to use the cobogo platform, either by having their own Creator’s pool or by staking in other Creators’ pools.
The Cobogo Token will be used for staking, capturing fees and for governance, which will allow holders to vote for upgrades. The token will be allocated in rounds into public and private sales, founders, seed, treasury, strategic YouTubers, airdrops and bounties, as follows:
The term "Community" refers to all of the CBG tokens that will be open for community members to acquire. Here's how this 40% (40,000,000 CBG) will be distributed among bounties, airdrops, liquidity mining, liquidity, as well as the public sale.
The tokens will also be used as a mechanism to increase the APY in case the staking ratio is too high. It can also be burned in case the staking ratio is too low for a prolonged period of time.
We'll explain now what each term is about. Check the Table of Contents for quick access.

Table of Contents

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    ​Circulating Supply​
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    ​Private Sale​
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    ​Strategic Creators​
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Circulating Supply

The circulating supply will start at zero, and progressively increase as the vesting period ends for each specific investor, as discriminated in the next sessions. All the token allocations will enter the market asynchronously over 48 months, and some of them will be locked in for a year before doing so.
The maximum total supply will start at 100,000,000 CBG, and it can slowly increase every year as described in this section.

Treasury (20%)

20% of the supply of the CBG token will be held by the DAO Treasury. This treasury will keep expanding, as long as new Content Creators onboard the platform. 5% of the Social Tokens minted when Creators onboard cobogo will go to the DAO Treasury.
The CBG treasury will be used as a mechanism to increase the APY in case the staking ratio is too high, and to burn tokens in case the staking ratio is too low for a prolonged period of time. It can also be used to create more Liquidity incentives in case it is needed.
The community will decide strategically what to do with the Treasury in the cobogo DAO by vote, including partnerships, liquidity programs, and more.
This amount will remain locked for the first 12 months.

Founders/Team (18%)

The Cobogo team and founders will receive a total of 18,000,000 CBG tokens. However, this amount will be locked for the first 12 months, and will be distributed in its entirety along the next 36 months, following this graph:
It is worth noting that there will be an internal policy to determine whether a team member should get an amount of CBG, that will specially consider the time working in the team.

Seed (10%)

A total of 10%, which is equivalent to 10,000,000 CBG tokens will be destined to the first round of investments. This sale will be used to raise funds for the development of cobogo.
This will be the best opportunity for investors. The tokens acquired will not be locked, but will be distributed along 12 months.

Private Sale (10%)

Another 10,000,000 CBG tokens will be sold to investors. This time, there will also be no locked period, but the tokens will be distributed along 36 months.
The funds raised will be used for the development of cobogo as well, including hiring more people for the team and marketing.

Strategic Creators (2%)

2,000,000 CBG tokens will be destined for a small amount of strategic YouTubers, who will be able to test the platform and advocate for it, as well as announce cobogo to their audiences. These tokens will be locked for a year, and will be distributed along the next 36 months after the locking period.

Community (40%)

Public Sale (16%)

The amount of 16,000,000 CBG tokens will be destined for public sales, which means that anyone in the community will be able to buy CBG tokens in a decentralized exchange or any other platform available.
At this point in time, there will be 36,000,000 CBG tokens circulating, and we expect to start a marketing campaign announcing the start of CBG sale.

Liquidity Mining (12%)

12,000,000 CBG tokens will be distributed to those who provide liquidity to CBG, in a liquidity program. The more liquidity someone provides, and for longer, the greater share of the CBG pool they will receive.

Bounties and Quests (8%)

The amount of 8,000,000 CBG tokens will be directed towards bounties, which refer to the rewards YouTuber Creators who invite other Creators can earn.
This distribution will happen over 3 phases. In the first one, 2.5% tokens, equivalent to 2,500,000 CBG will be assigned. In this first phase, each invited Creator will get 200 CBG, while the one who referred to cobogo will get 100 CBG.
Followed by phase 2, 1.5% (1,500,000 CBGs) will be distributed, except that this time, the invited Creator will get 100 CBG and the one who referred, 50 CBG.
In phase 3, 1.0% (1,000,000 CBG) of CBG tokens will be assigned, being 50 for the invited Creator and 20 for the Creator who invited them. All of the tokens will be locked for a year.
In addition, 3% of CBG, equivalent to 3,000,000 CBG, will be destined to Quests, and will be distributed among those community members who complete them. More details about these Quests will be defined in the future.

Liquidity (2%)

After the Public Sales happen, cobogo will provide liquidity initially with the amount of 2,000,000 CBG tokens.

Airdrops (2%)

We'll dedicate 2,000,000 CBG tokens to community members who promote cobogo and engage with other community members, as well as early adopters of the platform.
Claiming will depend on certain tasks to be accomplished.
Specific criteria for these airdrops will be defined in the future.