Cobogo Vaults
Vaults will be introduced to the cobogo ecosystem not only as a way to increase composability by further integrating it with other DeFi protocols but as a way to give Fans more freedom to monetize their favorite Creator.
Cobogo Vaults are an ERC-4626 (Tokenized Vault Standard) token that allow Fans to deposit and withdraw funds from a pool of assets. When Fans deposit funds, they’ll be issued a share of the vault, represented by an NFT with all the metadata that represent 27 that share. These Fans’ funds could then be invested according to a pre-defined strategy specified on the Vault they chose.
With these vaults, Fans will be able to invest in strategies curated by Cobogo, and created by the Fans themselves. The main difference between Cobogo Vaults and Vaults seen on other DeFi projects is that instead of the individual that deposits the funds that harvest the yield, in cobogo it will be harvested by the Creator that the Fan chooses to monetize.
One of the many advantages of introducing vaults is that Fans will be able to design their own investment strategies, using any tokens - even stablecoins and yield bearing tokens - and DeFi protocols to fund their favorite Creator.
To reinforce incentives, Cobogo could allocate Funds dedicated to liquidity to create a mining program to encourage Fans to use this way to monetize Creators.
As a mechanism like this could significantly increase the Total Value Locked on cobogo, introducing a standard 5% fee on the yield could be an excellent way to generate revenue for the DAO and diversify its Treasury. 28
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